"Sonia Arrison's brilliant account of how and why we will all soon get the chance to live much longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives is thoroughly researched, persuasively argued, elegantly written and rationally uplifting. This is an important and lively book."
–Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist

Sonia Arrison

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To futurist and tech writer Sonia Arrison, we are about to enter the golden age of aging. During the Cro- Magnon era, average human life expectancy was eighteen years. By the European Renaissance it was closer to thirty. Today in the developed West it is approximately eighty. As a species we are rightfully proud of this testament to our will and ingenuity. But few among us are prepared for the revolution on our doorstep—the coming explosion of scientific know-ledge that will increase the length and quality of life in ways that were unimaginable even twenty years ago. In 100 PLUS, renowned technology analyst and Silicon Valley insider Sonia Arrison lays out a thorough roadmap of the exciting new world confronting us, where fresh organs for transplants will be grown in laboratories, cloned stem cells will bring previously unstoppable death-sentence diseases to their knees, and living past 100 will be the rule, not the exception. Arrison brings a decade of experience researching and writing about cutting-edge advances in life extension to 100 PLUS, painting a vivid picture of a future that only recently seemed like a science fiction fantasy but now is very real.

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